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Updated: Jul 5, 2018

"I am cantankerous, greedy, fat. I am, perhaps, disagreeably attached to power, but I am anything but insane." - Queen Victoria, Victoria & Abdul

​Judi Dench.

End of Review.

Victoria and Abdul is about Queen Victoria and her friendship with a young Indian man named Abdul Karim and to be inspired by real events.

This movie was honestly perfection.

Open Doors

Judi Dench. Need I say more! Why would I go on to elaborate on the fantastic score, beautiful cinematic shots, the flawless writing and plot line that answered all the questions that are typically left unanswered in movies such as these, or Ali Fazal brilliant acting as Abdul Karim because ultimately Judi sold me on an already flawless film? She was like the sweet old red cherry on top. And, she was funny. 

I don’t know the history behind the movie nor do I really care about it, because the film wasn’t marketed as a historical movie. Rather, just as the unusual friendship that stretched across cultures and ages. 

Like, this movie needs to win an Oscar for at least one thing. I don't necessarily care for what, as long as it wins one.

Swept Floors

The ONLY thing I will say about this movie is that it dragged in pacing a couple times throughout.

​No need to dwell on such trivial matters however.


Should it have been left on the cutting room floor or should you be running out the door to see it?

​This door is dripping in crown jewels and PLATINUM. I would happily call this one of my favorite movies. 

Victoria and Abdul, was so endearing, funny, yet heart-wrenching. You feel good after watching it. And, I’ll admit it- I shed a tear or two. Am I partial to this movie? Judi Dench. What can I say? No. No, I am not.

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