The Floor, The Trash, Anywhere But The Screen

"Knowing is good, but knowing everything is better." -Eamon Bailey, The Circle

This is one the stupidest movies of the year.

The Belko Experiment is even better than this… and that's saying something.

When Mae (Emma Watson) starts work for the world's most powerful tech and social media company, The Circle, she is blind by its beauty. She is persuaded by CEO, Eamon Bailey(Tom Hanks), to be live-streamed 24/7. Her participation in the experiment soon begins to affect the lives of everyone around her.

This movie went nowhere, did nothing for me, and tried to pass itself off a film worth watching, but is nothing more than anticlimactic pretentious trash. 

Not sure if this is a review or just a list of complaints. TBH.


Out of the whole movie, the ONE thing that I can appreciate is the moral/ethical questions that were posed. 

Are secrets bad or are they necessary? Do people truly behave better when people are being watched? Is knowing everything, better than knowing somethings?

I like that they were asked, but they never did anything with them.


James Ponsoldt, the director, thought he could direct one episode of Shameless and could move onto bigger better things. Someone should’ve told him NO! Oh, no baby, what is you doing?!

They have this build up of 'is being monitored a good thing and are secrets good,' and NOTHING HAPPENS. You watch Mae live life and those around her reel from the consequences of her actions, but then absolutely nothing happens or changes. You expect some rebellion, some destruction, some defeating the enemy. Nothing happens. Oh no, she leaked a couple of emails, Oh no! When I draw a plot outline, it usually resembles a bell curve, but it resembles my heart activity after watching this movie-- a flatline. 

The movie just sucks. Beyond all else, it wasn’t well written, wasn’t well directed, and it wasn’t even well-acted( I pray the book is better). Nothing about this film is believable. The fact that I like the questions posed is not more than a "consolation ribbon" because those aren’t even that good. As much as I enjoyed the “dilemmas” proposed, they came off arrogant; as if the movie as a whole is trying to pass itself off as smarter than the what it is. You look this film in the eyes, and there’s nothing there. There is nothing in, behind, out, or the in front of this movie. It’s shallow. The lack of depth this film is insulting to watchers and positively infuriating. Not to mention, they never answered the questions they posed!! And, I can draw no conclusion from the ridiculousness of this movie. She ends up going beyond the “villains” and almost seems to become a bigger antagonist than them. 

Someone, please tell me, are they brainwashed or is everyone in that movie just so stupid they are okay with being watched and being so “connected?” It was almost like watching The Stepford Wives.

I feel like they just had a lot to say and they didn't know how to say it.


Should it have been left on the cutting room floor or should you be running out the door to see it?

It’s been a while, but this can go straight in the trash. Someone needs to find a way to travel back in time, tell them not to make the movie, save some money or make anything else.

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