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Our children are dying, but yes. I can make you mashed potatoes.” - Anna Murphy, The Killing of A Sacred Deer

Um... This film was complete and utter foolishness. To be quite honest, I don’t know what I should feel nor what I currently feel about the movie. 

All I know for sure, I'm shooketh!

The Killing of a Sacred Deer follows a surgeon Steven(Colin Farrell) as he is forced to make a sacrifice that affects his whole family, when a young boy, Martin(Barry Keoghan), the son of an old patient starts to thirst for revenge or justice, depending on how you see it. Doctors and Science, need to stop trying acting all godlike because the consequences of acting as such are harsh.

The movie is almost perfectly executed. The Killing of a Sacred Deer is steeped in metaphors and is actually a twist on a Greek myth(look it up, it’s really cool). The film is filled with never-ending, slow-burning tension. For all the reasons I love this movie, are all the reasons I hate it. 

However, when it comes to the ultimate question on if The Killing of a Sacred Deer is a good movie or not. Yes, it is. 

Hat's off to director and writer, Yorgos Lanthimos (The Lobster, Dogtooth, Alps), for once again giving the world quality films.

Open Doors

By definition, The Killing of a Sacred Deer was an excellent movie. The acting in the film was fantastic. The score was stress-inducing. It truly lived up to being called a work of suspense. The film is indeed an exquisitely stunning thriller.

Each character seemed so shallow but, within each character study, there is so much depth that could only found upon further examination. My favorite, as usual, was Nicole Kidman as Anna Murphy. Anna was simultaneously not up for the foolishness that was occurring, yet she was just as selfish and complacent in accepting it. How exciting it was to watch the family dynamics of those affected by the threat turn on each other as each one tried to appeal the most to be saved. Sister willing to sacrifice brother. Mother willing to sacrifice child. Family willing to sacrifice it all for themselves. 

But amidst the all the chaos, came genius lines of humor in the dialogue. It wasn’t actually of funny, but in a way that if I didn’t laugh soon, I might cry. It was a comedy in the oldest sense of the word.

This movie did everything that I felt Mother! Tried to do, but it did it better, and smarter. Though just as stressful, it was stressful in a way that merely made my heart pound rather than wants to rip out my hair. It set up you up so often too mentally prepare for something bad to happen then nothing would, it knocked your senses off-kilter, and when your guard was down, the twists would strike. The Killing of a Sacred Deer gained its power in the unknown, rather than the disturbing imagery and grotesque scenes that Mother! gained its power from.

And, I could not wrap up this review with commenting on the obnoxious score. GOD, I HATED IT, BUT I LOVE IT! The score added so much to this film that it almost seemed to take on a life of its own. The crescendos and deep bass chords that would cover the dialogue and scare the audience with perfect accented timing. This is one of the best accompanying scores I have heard in a very long time. You could listen to this soundtrack, and you would be able to understand what was going on in the story. It was not there to play as pretty background music, but rather to take charge and to be an essential player in the film.

Swept Floors

For the reasons it was a good movie, are the same reasons I hate The Killing of a Sacred Deer. The acting and writing were so stiff and emotionless it made me anxious. The score was too loud and stressful. On the whole, I felt so uncomfortable for the large part of the movie that I don’t think I could sit through it again. But, I can’t count those things against it.

HOWEVER, what I will count against this stupid movie (every time I time I think about I get upset).

My largest an truest gripe with this film is that I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS! AND, THE ENDING!

Look, though it was a fantastic ride to be on I sat in movie theatre slack-jawed when it was over not because I shocked (I was) or disturbed(I was), but because they dared to leave so many questions unanswered.

And, the ending was pure foolishness. Go see it and tell me if you agree. 

Floor Or Door?

Should it have been left on the cutting room floor or should you be running out the door to see it?

Undoubtedly, I'm sprinting out the theater DOOR, because I can't even this movie! But, it's a MUST WATCH(at least once)!

Go see it while you have the chance in theaters to really get the effect of the score, if for no other reason!

While I was unfulfilled, I ultimately left satisfied. But, I like to know things, so I'm not entirely happy. But, I was SHOOK!

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