The Best Movie of the Year(So far)

Updated: Jul 5, 2018

"You have until next stop to decide. What kind of person are you?" - Joanna, The Commuter

The first movie of the year was truly a doozy! All I'm going to say about it is that a man, Michael MacCauley(Liam Neeson), get sucked into a dangerous game on his way home on the commuter train. And, though the path of the train was relatively straight, the plotline isn't!

With a nonstop sense of suspense and action, The Commuter was a game of clue that played out excellently on screen. It had me stressed OUT!

Open Doors

The brilliance of this movie truly shines in the superb writing of the film. The Commuter established it’s parameters and rules quickly, and didn’t aim to travel from corner to corner, plot point to plot point, but instead color the whole box. It had you set on a specific course, stopped you abruptly, and threw on to an entirely different track.

Liam Neeson(Taken) is, of course, no stranger to these types of movies and was able to use “special set of skills” once again. He brought the perfect balance of grit and compassion to the character of Micheal, that made you root for him from the beginning.

There are a couple of times in the movie when goes from like 30 to 100 in like .2 seconds, and you’re just sitting there shaking. Even though The Commuter had many twists, I figured out who “Prin” was fairly quickly having seen them only once(not to toot my own horn). However, they did such a good job rerouting my thinking, I COMPLETELY forgot and had one of those “should’ve trusted you’re instincts” moment in the end. 

Swept Floors

Very few movies, if any, are truly perfect. And, aside from small continuity issues, the only problem I truly have is that they should’ve cast Jessica Chastain(Miss Sloane) instead of Vera Farmiga(Bates Motel). That is all.

I think Farmiga was excellent but just didn’t present the polish that I think should accompany a “mastermind” or someone of Joanna's position. I think Chastain would have brought that surprisingly warm “chill” to the character that would’ve elevated her role to another level.

Floor Or Door?

Should it have been left on the cutting room floor or should you be running out the door to see it?


Even though I saw some parts of it coming, it was still nevertheless, one helluva ride!

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