Updated: Jul 5, 2018

"I keep hearing sounds. Something's going on and it's not just in my head. I can prove it. You have to believe me. He's real." - Mary Portman, Shut In

Oh, he was real alright!

I’m pressed.

I’m stressed.

I. Am. Shook!

This movie got me messed all types of up. 

Mary Portman (Naomi Watts) is a child psychologist who works out of her home in the middle of Maine. She takes care of her 18-year-old stepson Stephen (Charlie Heaton), who after a car accident is left in a catatonic state. One of Mary's young patients, who doesn't talk, soon goes missing, and she becomes convinced that the boy's (Jacob Tremblay) ghost is haunting her. ​ Y'all, I thought they had me watching a little demon child at first, but then the twist came at the end and I was floored.


The suspense was killing, and the twist was pulled off excellently. It kind of puts me in the mind of Orphan.

Namoi Watts and Jacob Tremblay were phenomenal. Namoi Watts is up there with Emily Blunt from The Girl on The Train regarding female acting in recent suspense movies. And, poor little adorable Jacob Tremblay. He was scaring me! Let's not even going to talk about Charlie Heaton playing the debilitated son, but the boy got me shook.

One of the things I find most important in a movie like this are the sounds. The score and the sound design both kept me on edge. Every subtle creak, echoing footstep, pounding crescendo brought me a little closer to death during the slow-burn tension. It created the perfect isolated feeling for me as a watcher that undoubtedly contributed to every little heart attack I had. But, the silence. The lack of spoken words had my mind racing even more. There’s something about people who can’t speak in suspenseful movies that just… gets to me.


The very ending wasn’t that good. It seems like the writers tried to wrap everything up in a pretty little bow and give watchers some closure, but it wasn’t necessary. If they had ended the movie right after climax, I would’ve been satisfied. Was the ending relevant to the overall story? Yeah. Does it take away from the impact of the movie? Nah.

But it could’ve been cut anyway.


Should it have been left on the cutting room floor or should you be running out the door to see it?

I’m running out the door to see it again! See it! Mary might have been shut in, but she cleaned house while she was up in there. 

My heart still pounding quick!

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