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Updated: Jul 5, 2018

"​Do you ever feel like your life has turned into something you never intended?" - Susan Morrow(Amy Adams), Nocturnal Animals

Director, Tom Ford (A Single Man) should have asked himself this before Nocturnal Animals hit theater screens. Because I hope what I just watched is not what he intended.

The movie follows Susan(Amy Adams) as she comes to term with her sad and crappy life when a book manuscript written by her first husband(she's now on her second, who is assumed to be quite adulterous ), who she has not seen in many years. The book tells the story of a man going on a trip with his family, which quickly turns into a story of rape, murder, and revenge. And, Susan believes this might be metaphorical parallel to her relationship with her first husband, Tony(Jake Gyllenhaal).

She can find the similarities between herself and the book, but can't tell that her current husband is cheating. Okay. If you say so.


It was pretty to watch. It was nice to listen to. The metaphors were wonderful, a long stretch, but passable. And, Aaron Taylor-Johnson killed it-- literally.


Look, I was all types of excited when this movie came out. The trailers looked stylish. What I could glean from the trailers the plot seemed to be a wild ride of misdirection. And boy, what a misdirection it was.

It lacked the Essentials.

Half of the characters were so clichè and poorly-written. Susan needed to move on. And, Tony needed to move on.

Get. A. Grip. Moving on with your life is free of charge.

AND THE TEARS! TOO MUCH! Every time I saw Amy Adams crying face, which was all she practically did the entire movie, I hated this movie a little bit more. Amy can act, and now I know sure she can cry, look somber, and mope around.  Need someone to cry and look sad on-camera, please don't call Ms. Adams, she has better things to be doing! 

I fully understand the need for two storylines, but also... it sucked. It simply lacked good paralleism and enough depth for me to say "I enjoyed this movie. I want to go home and think about it."

Rather I said: "What foolishness. I wasted $15. It could've went so much farther and been done so much better."

Nocturnal Animals  serves no purpose other than something to look at, and only offers a cheap catharsis.


Should it have been left on the cutting room floor or should you be running out the door to see it?

The floor is suitable for such a mediocrity.

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