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"Nature made me a freak. Man made me a weapon. And God made it last too long." -Logan, Logan

​Boy, it was depressing. Sad. Morose. Cumbersome. Forlorn. Mournful. Filled with grief. And, I could go on.

You watch Logan as cares for ill and old Professor X, as he works as some sort of chauffeur. Then, so young testtube mutant shows up at his door. And, people die...

Depressing. Sad. Morose. Cumbersome. Forlorn. Mournful. Filled with Grief.

This is the saddest superhero movie. Ever.  Also the most human.

Open Doors

This was not a superhero movie; A film of fantasy and fiction. This was a real movie. It filled with emotional endings and tragic beginnings. And, that's why Logan is so good. So often we forget these stories of fanatical heroes take place in the real world, or at the very least with real people. And, somehow they lose their humanity, even if they were modified, humans. But, Logan brings It back. it shows a side to them that we don’t often get to see if we see it all. When the humanity reruns, when they age, then they finally grow tired, and when they finally die. It brings a sense a close and sigh of relief. Like, when you finish reading a book, you hate that it’s over but, you know it has to end at some point. Logan was not about rewards, but rather the consequence of life. Especially a life with what some would call gifts.

You have to give it to Hugh Jackman for the rage he brought to the role. A sustainable rage at that. And, that takes a toll on you as an actor. But, he made this so believable and so “comforting” in a way that made you care about him and his problems(having like four other movies helped with that too).

It was excellent that this rated-R. It was able to capture the "grit," and blood that needed to execute this movie and give closure to this chapter adequately.

Swept Floors


Logan, in all honesty, an excellent movie on all fronts, but it is so dark and heavy. Not only is heavy, but it’s nearly a two and half hour long movie, with one “joke” right in the middle.


Should it have been left on the cutting room floor or should you be running out the door to see it?

Golden Door.

It’s good movie. Just know you won’t feel good coming out of it.

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