It's Could've Waited Until The Morning

**Shakes Head** 'No' -Will, It Comes At Night

Look. I get it. I get the point and what they are trying to do. But, it's a "no" from me.

While the world outside has crumbled to some strange plague, in It Comes At Night, a man and his family hideaway in the woods in a boarded up house. However, when a desperate young man, also with a family, seeks their help, paranoia, fear, discord sets in.

It's a movie where fear itself is far scarier than anything else. And, I'll admit it was a good story, but I cannot full heartedly say it was a good movie because this "manifestation" of fear was ultimately wack.


The score had a distant tone to it that helped both amp and carry many of the scenes in the movie. The use of dream sequences was interesting and blurred the lines between nightmare and reality even more than what they already had achieved without them. It disrupted yet added to the narrative in such a smart and delicate way.

What I probably respect the most it that you never find out what the ambiguous "it" is. Now for some people that that would be considered one of the most infuriating things about watching the movie since you go to find out "what" comes at night. However, the movie isn't about "it," it's about family, trust, loyalty, and how much those things can survive under hard circumstances. Not only how much how they can lend those traits to others, but can they trust themselves and are they more loyal to themselves or family? The "it" altogether becomes irrelevant, and it becomes all about the choices and sacrifices for personal humanity; which getting your audience to "forget" what they came to the theater to find out initially is pretty impressive.

The mother, Sarah(Carmen Ejogo), as a character and actress were underutilized and undervalued in the whole scheme of the movie. The choices the mother makes are far more personal and far more damaging I feel than any other choices to have been made in the film by any other characters. But, every scene she was in I felt for her. She brought something ti the table that the other characters didn't. The father brought logic. But, she brought both logic and emotions. I applaud her, and the writing of her character, for that.


It Comes At Night felt empty. There was no soul or energy in the film. It moved at a slow pace without too much variation. It Comes At Night, is another movie that begs me to ask the question, "is this truly a story worth telling?" Or at the very least, was this the best possible way to tell this story. While it was faithful to the A24 psychological thrilling suspense fashion, it lacked the spark of ugliness/charm that I often look forward to seeing in one of their movies. It Comes At Night had all the parts but somehow failed to deliver. 

To be honest, the character of Travis(Kelvin Harrison Jr.), was irritatingly stupid. I believe this also contributed to the movie missing the mark. Travis was not captivating enough to be the protagonist or the narrator of the story. I felt as if I was simply stuck with him, and anyone else's perspective other than his would have been better. He honestly could've died with the grandfather, and I wouldn't have batted an eye for the rest of the movie. 

In my mind, it reminds me much of The Witch; I wanted to like that movie, but I the end it also lacked something that never allowed it to be a good movie or movie worth recommending in my books. They both feel average. Bland. And without charm. They both simply come off forced and almost pretentious in the way they hide deeper meanings in their even darker webs of mystery and artistic symbolism. Neither worked. They both are "artsy" movies, so I respect them in their style and craft but don't like either of them. I'm more so apathetic than anything else towards both of these movies.

To be honest, it was an average movie without anything really to rave about. Average, expected, and unexciting.

And, Y'all know I'm easily shook; I was shook not once.

Also, call it stereotyping, call it whatever. But, I don't know what black person is about run into no woods after no dog. I would at look my dog, Arden, as he ran off. Turn around. Cry and call it a day. But I sure as hell ain't about to run after him in no woods. You Thought!


Should it have been left on the cutting room floor or should you be running out the door to see it?

They kept that red door closed and I'm keeping mine closed, because they could've left this on the floor... in the middle of those woods... to which I'll NOT be running into.

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