What is Real Anymore?

Updated: Jul 5, 2018

"You think you know how the world works? You think that this material universe is all there is? What is real? What mysteries lie beyond the reach of your senses? At the root of existence, mind and matter meet. Thoughts shape reality." - The Ancient One, Doctor Strange

I don't even know what's real anymore. All I know is that this movie was insane. 

Doctor Stephen Strange(Benedict Cumberbatch) must put his overinflated ego aside and learn how to navigate and master the world beyond reality, in the typical superhero fashion.

Maybe, typical isn't the right word.

This movie is anything but, typical.


This movie was like a psychedelic on-screen trip. The graphics were on point and were so captivating it was hard to stop watching. It was like being in rollercoaster without having a fear of death lurking in the back of your head.

Tilda Swinton pulled through in her role as the “Ancient One.” She might have had some backlash, but not an ounce of that showed in her acting. She truly prevailed on-screen in the role and delivered everything that she could. Tilda Swinton has this charm that allows for you to instantly trust her, and feel for her in the movie. And, when her time was up, amongst all the drama going on, there really was nothing sadder.

I applaud the writers, as well, because the movie was sprinkled with lines, that would lead to believe that they knew they had whitewashed. Like, there were times when it shockingly self-aware. Does it excuse? No. But, it was funny.


It was a fantastic movie. However, you can’t ignore the blatant whitewashing. Not only was it whitewashed, a concern they had to hear long before it came out, but there was a severe lack of PoC speaking roles. They had the people there already, but they said not one thing. This, of course, is not a foreign concern to Hollywood, Disney, or Marvel. It’s a shame that such good movies must suffer because producers felt white face sold better than faces of color.


Should it have been left on the cutting room floor or should you be running out the door to see it?


I mean look it’s a Marvel movie! It’s going to be an excellent movie no matter what. I’ll leave it to DC to make the sucky(looking at you Batman V. Superman) movies.

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