Came.Saw. Almost Conquered.

"If we may find a city, where one was considered impossible to exist, it may well write a whole new chapter in human history." -Percy Fawcett, ​The Lost City of Z

I thought a movie such as this would be impossible to exist, looks like we both were wrong.

The Lost City of Z is the true story of British explorer Percy Fawcett(Charlie Hunnam). It tells of his journeys into the Amazon in the early 1900's, where he discovers evidence of a previously unknown, advanced civilization that once inhabited the region, until his mysterious disappearance in 1925. 

From the stunning cinematography, and captivating story The Lost City of Z is a fulfilling lost treasure in itself.


The settings were positively gorgeous. Maybe it all happened naturally without the aide of a little color correction, but the way the skin of the native people popped against the greenery and darks woods, was beautiful. I don’t know what to say other than this was a visual masterpiece that all eyes should get the chance to gaze upon.

Many of the scenes with indigenous peoples had this dangerous yet alluring charm to them. What I love about most of the scenes involving the indigenous people is how quickly it shows people can change from friendly to spiteful all because of fear. I think it became a turning point not only for the characters in the movie but the audience as well. To quickly realize how useless fear can sometimes be when interacting with people different from them. Or simply write them off as "savages," a lesson I think most still have trouble with accepting today.

Charlie Hunnam as Percy did such a fantastic job. The story already had this overhanging depressing tone to it, and he brought so many other emotions and feelings underneath. He was inspiring; he brought a sense of adventure, and sense of awe that seemed to spill from the screen into the auditorium. 


The Lost City of Z was also quite long. Like, Titanic or Silence, long. Many scenes could have been cut or made significantly shorter. I kept glancing down at my watch trying to figure if it was about time for it to end. I was worried it never would.


Should it have been left on the cutting room floor or should you be running out the door to see it?

Though long, it is quite the treasure. Something you can only find if you go out the door and to the theaters to see it.

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