​Born In China, focuses on a snow leopard named Dawa and her cubs, a golden snub-nosed monkey named Tao Tao, a giant panda named Ya Ya and her daughter Mei Mei, and a random herd of antelope looking animals called, chiru.

This movie was too cute; I just could’ve done without the “Human-washing.”


The Animals were cute, and the photography was excellent.

Y'all, little Tao Tao was so bad, but he was too cute with his little snub-nosed self.

And, the time lapses and nature shots were breathtaking. In the mission to show the side of China that many people don’t see I believed they achieved that goal. 

But that’s it.


The heavy human input is difficult to get past. 

Like, Disney calm it down, please! 

They push so many emotions onto the animals; I feel sorry for them. Just let them be animals. I don’t need to hear that mama panda will cherish this moment with her baby forever. Or, that mother leopard is struggling with the emotions of not being able to provide for her children. Like I thought I was a movie about lions, not Lion. I was sitting there waiting for Sunny Pawar to come out dressed up like some animal(which would’ve been too much). They made it so emotional and tailored to the story that they want to tell that it just made it lose its appeal and charm. I can sit around and watch videos of clumsy pandas, falling cats, and screaming koalas all day without some narrator telling me how they are going to look for Rafiki from the Lion King to help them through personal therapy afterward. 

The narration started off kind of cute, but then it became ridiculous.


Should it have been left on the cutting room floor or should you be running out the door to see it?

Honestly, I must say, they could’ve left in on the cutting room floor.

​It doesn’t make the cut because the whole movie relies on a human interpretation of events. And, without the narration, they don’t allow the animals and their sheer beauty to stand alone.

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