Updated: Jul 5, 2018

If I’m to be quite honest, this movie is exactly what you expect it to be. Have you seen the 1991 original animated movie? Then you saw this one.

It’s a regurgitation. An exact replication. For once there are no open doors because this movie was nothing special or all too good. To change from animated characters to real people is nothing exciting. It’s boring.



Swept Floors

(or rather Dusted Floors) The music had such a weird recorded quality to it that it was little off-putting. The choreography was dull. The beast acted far too childish. Making Lefou gay came off as forced. And, I don’t like the change from “Babette” to “Plummet.” 

There was nothing truly new. You learn Belle's mother had the plague. The prince had quite the douche of a father, and the waitstaff let the prince turn into one too. But, that’s not “new.” There was no reworked vision, no vision of any kind. Just a mirror. Just hindsight.

It wasn’t like “Maleficent” with a different perspective nor “Cinderella,” with(I don't know... didn't care for that one either too much more than this one.) This was a just a rip. Almost what looked like a cheap rip-off.

There was no Disney magic in this movie. Relying far too heavily on the nostalgia of the old to carry it through.


Should it have been left on the cutting room floor or should you be running out the door to see it?

They thought something was there, but ain't nothing there but the floor.

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