'We were better off alone." -Life, ​Tagline

​Yah. You were.

​“Some” people can make some idiotic decisions.

Six astronauts aboard an international space station retrieve a sample dirt collected from Mars. The crew realizes a large dormant single-celled organism lies within the sample. But, they being to conduct research, their (rude)methods end up having consequences. The organism proves more intelligent and more capable than what they expect,

I don’t know why people can’t leave things from Mars on Mars and move on. 


Ryan Reynolds dies first. Yes, that may seem a little rude saying it’s a good thing that he died first. But, it makes a statement, saying that in this movie anything can happen. And, it doesn't let me down. If they all weren’t complete idiots at sometimes, I honestly cared for the well-being of most them. The acting was fantastic. And the action screen kept me attentive and glued to the screen. 

The ending has me stressed out. Like, I love space. Would love to go up there and see it for myself, but I have no desire to bring souvenirs. I don’t know why people just won’t leave stuff alone because things like the ending of this movie can happen. If anything the last couple minutes stresses me out more than the entire film. It felt real.

Rebecca Ferguson as Miranda North and Hiroyuki Sanada as Sho Murakami, had me rooting from the from thew beginning. They were the smartest and seemed to have the highest stakes in the movie; which make the whole thing even more tragic. Ferguson and Sanada did such a superb job of becoming likable, and taking their small stories and making watchers remember them. 

Life was a well-written movie, and I applaud them for that. Many of the major parts of the movies were so enthralling, that when I had to use the bathroom hallway through I think I broke a record for a bathroom break trying to get back to see what would happen next.

Swept Floors

The "Savior Complex" stupidity. Plain and simple, if they all stopped acting so high and mighty and go on think of an actual plan to kill the alien then maybe they would’ve survived. You would just assume they would be better at handling situation of high stress that would stop them from making the careless mistakes, seeing as they are astronauts. Obviously not the case.

If they didn't pester the alien so much in the first place, perhaps all this wouldn't have happened. They figure it can feel things early on, and they continue to harass it for science sake. Like, come on, they could've gone about their "research methods" a bit better. I honestly kind of see this more like a "revenge flix," from the alien's perspective, because the astronauts were just doing too much, in the first place.


Should it have been left on the cutting room floor or should you be running out the door to see it?


​It’s high tension, makes you lose your breath, and that’s all I can ask for.

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