Um, Are The Doors Locked??

Updated: Jul 5, 2018

'I can come in anytime I want. And I can get you, anytime I want. But I'm not going to. Not until it's time. When you wish you're dead... that's when I'll come inside." -- The Man, Hush

WHAT FOOLISHNESS!! I was all types of worked up! This movie had me up on my feet trying to help this woman make it to the end of this film.

Hush, is about a deaf and mute writer Maddie(Kate Siegel), living a solitary life in the middle of the woods(foolishness), who must outwit a masked killer(John Gallagher Jr.) when he appears at her window. But, my question is, why on Earth was she ALONE IN THE MIDDLE OF WOODS knowing she CAN’T HEAR!?

I don’t want to be in the middle of the woods by myself and all my senses are fully-functioning. The girl got some guts and a whole lot of brains.

Honey child, I'm keeping my door closed!

Kate Siegel was fantastic. I don’t believe I have seen her in anything before, and she did a phenomenal job. And, John Gallagher Jr…. There are no words. He played the perfect villain. Even though the movie was primarily just those two on-screen, I never felt I needed more people, another storyline or anything else to distract me from these two. Though I would love to say Kate Siegel was my favorite, regarding acting, John Gallagher Jr., actually killed it in more ways than one. As “The Man,” the way he interacted with Maddie, the environment and the faces he would make at times just played into the crazy, emotionless psychopath yet also allowed for him to come off without fault. It simply just who “The Man” was.

Which I then give props to writing and directing! Mostly, because Maddie wasn’t suffering from SMS, “scary movie stupidity.” They wrote Maddie as a strong, independent, resourceful woman that just happened to be deaf too. Near the end of the movie, they let her play out all her options and ways she could possibly die as if it were a movie in her head. This, could one of the best scenes in a film I have seen recently. The way it weaved in and out. Allowed for a little character development. And, allowed her to problem solve at the same time, was just absolutely… wonderful. Added plus, the couple times it was a little graphic and bloody it served a purpose and flashed on the screen very briefly.

Aside from John Gallagher Jr’s acting, the well-written script and characters, I can’t forget the most important thing— The sound or lack thereof. I love how they played with the fact she was deaf with the sound design, especially in the opening scene. In which, Maddie is preparing food and it you can hear the food sizzling, the running of water, doors open and close, and then it slowly fades out and you hear nothing. Having that right at the beginning really set a great and suspenseful tone for the rest of the movie. They also do it a couple more times throughout the film.

And the cat’s name, who doesn’t die(thankfully), was called “bitch.” So, it wins already.

Okay. So, apparently, down the road lives a couple with whom Maddie was friends with the wife. The wife ran to her house, banged on the window to which Maddie couldn’t hear and thus led the killer to her house before she was stabbed repeatedly. However, her husband comes around near the end of the movie looking for his wife at Maddie's place. And, boy, was he useless. Honestly, he was just a wasted body. He was done away quickly. Then he comes back quickly but it is short-lived, and in all honesty, he should’ve died the first time around judging by the amount of blood-loss he would’ve suffered by the time he tries to make a comeback(I watch Criminal Minds and Forensics Files, so trust me, he’d be dead by then).

And, look here, I understand living a solitary lifestyle, but really? THE MIDDLE OF THE WOODS? That's just an invitation for creepy men in masks to come to your house.


Should it have been left on the cutting room floor or should you be running out the door to see it?

You better sprint out the door and hope you survive! Luckily, it’s on Netflix so make sure you lock the door, have your phone near you, and you won't even have to risk getting knocked off by some psychopath!… hopefully.

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