Updated: Jul 5, 2018

It’s been awhile since I have watched a movie that has taken me for such a ride. I came out of the theatre auditorium smiling because this film was just so twisty that it made me warm inside. You might need some medicine with how many twists and turns this movie takes.

In a world where it possible to extract specific memories, a man decides to have the memories of his freshly made ex-wife deleted. However, with a little commotion and confusion, he ends up receiving the memories of a serial killer. As he begins to see these memories and provide first-person accounts, he gets dragged into the police investigation. But when asked, if he can tell who is committing the murders, his only answer is "Me." It soon becomes life or death race against time to figure out who the actual killer is.

Battle of Memories, is a movie for the books. In fact, it’s a Golden Door movie and honestly inching up to appear on my Top 10.


The plot line and writing is just excellent. Think of it as if The Cell(2000) with Jennifer Lopez and Inception(2010) had a cinematic baby- this essentially what you would get. It had two of my favorite things, murder and mind games.

I am usually excellent at figuring out a well-written whodunnit. However, they present so many options in a such a way that you begin to suspect it could be everyone as if this was the Murder on the Orient Express or something. And for me, I believe that is the very height excellent writing and filmmaking. The ability to create a true veil of mystery and disorientation for the audience is an incredibly hard thing to achieve.

​I was so enthralled not only by the movie but the overall experience of the film; Battle of the Memories requires such an attention to details that it really makes you fee that you are right along with Jiang Feng(Bo Huang). They pull you in down one way and then toss you in a whole other ballpark.

The graphics and fight scenes were top of the line. The ending is just as strong the beginning. And when the resolution comes after the climax(or should I say climaxes), it is such a relief.

Because, Chile, I was out of breath at the time that movie was over. Battle of Memories is literally insane. 


Technically, I’ll say this was a flawless movie. Stylistically, it was not my favorite. There were some confusing or irreverent creative choices made, that didn’t add(or take away) to the movie.


Should it have been left on the cutting room floor or should you be running out the door to see it?

​Door! Door! Door!

Call an ambulance because I have been SCALPED! My neck is broken. My jaw has fallen and can't get back up. Such a WILD ride!

Access to movies such as these is an underused privilege.

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