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New CBCF Interns Embark on Capitol Hill Experience in Washington

"Henderson-West encourages students to voice their choices and work for what they believe in, and learn how to practice self-care.  “What we do on that campus translates to a lot of skills that translate to the outside world. It is very important that we continue to speak up because there are a lot of people that want to know and they matter, our voices matter and it can lead to so many greater opportunities,” he said."

26 February 2020

- Emerson Today

New CBCF Interns Embark on Capitol Hill Experience in Washington

“For decades, CBCF has led the most elite internship program on Capitol Hill,” said David A. Hinson, CBCF president, and CEO. “We are known internationally for our competitive program that provides hands-on experience with the democratic process."

3 February 2020

- Congressional Black Caucus Foundation

Emerson in DC Attracts Doers Ready to Make Study Away a Career-Defining Decision

“Even though my major is in political communications, I don’t feel that we study policy as in-depth as to how do you communicate it. How do you take something that is complicated and make it easy to understand and the various ways that you can do that. This allowed me to read, look at, and craft, actual policy.”

21 January 2020

- The Washington Center

Haus of Emerson named first-ever collegiate vogue ballroom

“I’m not sure exactly what it means in terms of the long-standing impact of the title, but I know that we have our ideas in terms of what we want it to mean,... We want to educate people on the history of this queer subculture that’s often appropriated and whitewashed with mainstream audiences.”

4 September 2019

- Berkley Beacon

How Voguing Became a Competitive Sport at an Elite Boston College

“Since QTPOC culture has a history of being appropriated and whitewashed for more mainstream audiences and demographics,” says Henderson-West, “EAGLE has worked to educate and give homage to their history and struggles.”

23 July 2019

- The Advocate

En Vogue: 
The Haus Of Emerson At Emerson College Is Having A Ball

"Now, according to campus organizers, Emerson College has become the first US university to be home to a vogue ballroom house: The Haus of Emerson"

JULY 2019

- Boston Spirit Magazine


Emerson’s First Vogue Kiki Ball

"Last Friday, April 26, EAGLE and Father London Mulan hosted Emerson’s first-ever Vogue Kiki Ball, a celebration of culture and a fundraiser for Emerson’s Student Assistance Fund and Boston GLASS, a nonprofit serving young LGBTQ+ people of color."

30 April 2019

- Emerson Today

EAGLE, House of Mulan Giving Emerson Campus Kiki Ballroom

"According to Christopher Henderson-West ’20, EAGLE president and mother of Haus of Emerson, Friday’s event, with the theme, “End of an Era,” will be the first ever ball of its kind – with experienced competitors and $3,000 in prize money — put on by a college."

24 April 2019

- Emerson Today

Vogue, Strut, Duck walk: EAGLE hosts First-Ever Vogue Kiki Ball

"Lewis, a vogue instructor and member of House Mulan, one of the houses within the Kiki scene, said he originally reached out to Henderson-West for help with his fashion brand but ended up talking about creating the Vogue Kiki Ball together."

11 April 2019

- Berkley Beacon

EAGLE’s Haus of Emerson Immerses Students in Drag Culture History

"I wanted the contestants to learn about the history of drag, and how instrumental queens of color were in shaping this culture. I thought this was especially important because most of the people who participated were not people of color." 

5 November 2018

- Emerson Today

Teach-in Advocates Student Empowerment in Fight for Racial Justice

Emerson’s third annual Teach-in on Race kicked off at the Cutler Majestic Theatre last Friday with a discussion led by scholar, writer, and activist Rachel Kuo, as well as several of Emerson’s most prominent student social justice leaders.

15 October 2018

- Emerson Today

EAGLE Changes Name To Broaden Inclusivity

“We have learned more about the unspoken members within our community. We have become more cognizant of erasure,” the statement read. “Which means, there is a problem now. Well, actually the problem has always existed, but we just didn’t realize it.”

13 September 2018

- Berkley Beacon

Emerson Offers Pre-Orientation To Incoming Students of Color

“For me to have a program like [the pre-orientation], I would have personally appreciated it. To know more people and know resources were available and to strengthen those roots,” said Henderson-West, a Political Communication major and a student of color. “The first couple of months [of my first year] I think a program like this would have definitely helped a lot.”

24 August 2018

- Emerson College

Emerson Public Relations Students Come Out On Top at Globcom Thailand

"Returning to the symposium this year after being the spokesperson for the winning team last year in Bangalore, Emerson’s Christopher Henderson-West was global leader for one of the top-3 teams this year, which also included Emerson’s Melody Hsu, a theater design major from Taiwan."

14 June 2018

- Emerson College

Students of Color Celebrate Four Years of Growth, Strength

With a call to “make the world a masterpiece of our own design,” Emerson College held its first formal celebration of graduating students of color on Thursday, May 10, in the Cabaret.

The Mosaic Graduation Celebration honored the struggles and triumphs of students of color who have followed their passions and made their mark during their time at Emerson.

22 May 2018

- Emerson College

SGA Talks Recruitment and Admissions, Request More Efforts Towards Diversity

"I completely understand being cost effective and trying to find diversity. But at what point do you sacrifice students for cost?” Henderson-West said."

12 April 2018

- Berkley Beacon

Henderson-West Responds to Criticism of SGA

"This protest has helped spark the talk of SGA into circles that have probably never heard of it until this incident. People are watching us now. People are beginning to know who we are and understand what we do. Let the whole of the community work to spin this loss into revolutionary change."

5 April 2018

- Berkley Beacon

SGA Under Fire for Lack of Innovation

"About 80 fliers and 10 Berkeley Beacon newspapers hung outside the MPR with phrases such as “#Fiveyearsofwhitefeminism” and “SGA Do your job. Represent us.” In the past, SGA faced the issue of increasing their presence on-campus. This year, only 7 percent of the undergraduate student population voted in the election—or 265 students of 3,799."

5 April 2018

- Berkley Beacon

The Berkeley Beacon Endorses Henderson-West for SGA President

"Henderson-West’s campaign represents a change to the status quo—an attempt to reach out, in person, and inform students about the role of SGA. Henderson-West’s campaign is what we at the Beacon have been waiting for."

29 March 2018

- Berkley Beacon

Two Candidates Run for SGA Executive President

“So actually, going out to these meetings or to residential floors and figuring out what do people need, what do they want in order to help maintain those relationships,” Henderson-West said in an interview. “My goal would be to make sure that we’re co-hosting a lot more … that [SGA is] taking more of an active and proactive role in the Emerson community.”

29 March 2018

- Berkley Beacon

Student Government Association Discusses Response to Faculty Chair’s Memo

“Being told we don’t have proof of our experiences and discriminations on a day-to-day basis is just fundamentally wrong, stupid, and ignorant,” West said.

2 November 2017

- Berkley Beacon

WATCH: Hundreds of Emerson students protest against racism, present demands

WATCH: Hundreds of Emerson students protest against racism, present demands

24 October 2017

- Berkley Beacon

First-Year Student Leads Team to Victory In International PR Competition

"He was supposed to talk about public relations and marketing tactics, while his teammates handled other aspects of the presentation. Then one of them fell ill. Then one of them decided he couldn’t speak in front of so many people.

Then it was just Henderson-West."

13 June 2017

- Emerson College

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